Meet the Conservative FL Shooting Survivor the MSM Ignored. Let’s Make Him As Famous As His Lib Classmates


The way the media is working together to only show one side of the story highlights just how important a free and open internet really is.

American News Central Has The Story: Before we had any idea what happened at that high school in Parkland, Florida, the liberal left was already scrambling to put together a gun control narrative. Sadly, it has become par for the course for the liberal left to exploit tragedies to push a political agenda.

You’ve probably seen the high school students who survived the shooting being paraded around on liberal networks to push the gun control narrative.

You don’t see many students from Parkland talking about how important the 2nd Amendment is. Think that’s a coincidence? Of course not. Florida is full of 2A supporters and there certainly are many kids from that high school that don’t support the liberal gun control push.

Kyle Kashuv is one of those students that you won’t find reciting talking points on MSNBC.

Here’s what Kashuv had to say in an exclusive interview with Guy Benson.

From Townhall:

“I’m a very strong Second Amendment supporter and I will continue to be throughout this entire campaign.” he tells me.  “As of right now, my main goal is to meet with legislators and represent to them that there are big Second Amendment supporters in our community. Through this entire thing, my number one concern has been making sure that the rights of innocent Americans aren’t infringed upon.”  He says that when he visited the state capitol to talk to lawmakers shortly after the tragedy, he consistently asked for guarantees that the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners wouldn’t be attacked or abridged.  He’s waded into this debate “kind of reluctantly,” he admits, observing that at some point he realized that he was one of the few conservatives in his school who were speaking up in public. “It’s not even by my choosing, it’s just come to that,” he remarks. “I feel somewhat obligated to do this because the other half of America needs to be heard.  I’m doing this because I have to.”

Interesting that he’s not on television. We all know why that is. He doesn’t fit the narrative the liberal media is trying to push.

Here’s more.

Kashuv counts himself as a believer in the ‘Never Again’ cause, but feels ostracized and ignored by those — including students and the adults supporting them — who disagree with his conservative politics. “It’s quite saddening because I support this Never Again movement in some aspects.  Everything that isn’t for gun control, I fully support.  But a lot of people in the movement, they view it as ‘you’re with us or you’re against us.’  There’s no middle ground.  So either you support them on all of their policy ideas, or you’re an enemy.  That’s sad because I really do love this movement, and I want it to do a lot of good work.  But simply because I have a different opinion on what needs to be done [on guns], I’m not represented as a leading member.”

He wasn’t invited to participate in CNN’s raucous and emotional town hall meeting in the wake of the shooting, watching it instead on television along with the general public (he says some of the pro-gun control students who traveled with him in Tallahassee were flown back for the event).  He didn’t like what he saw. “The entire CNN town hall was very ineffective. It worsened the divide,” he laments. “It was so counter productive because Republicans would answer back, and they weren’t really able to voice logical concerns and [talk about] what they wanted to do because they were just booed.  It was simply counterproductive.  That’s the only word for it.”  READ MORE @ American News Central

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