Media Silent & Dems Panicking As Identity Of Man Who Shot Cop In The Head Is Revealed


Democrats today are all about open borders and abolishing United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. They don’t want any illegal immigrants to be deported, but the problem is that we are simply overpopulated and what’s worse is that some of these illegal immigrants are violent criminals.

Just take a look at what happened in the case of Kate Steinle, an American woman who was walking at night with her father when an illegal alien shot and killed her in the street.

If he had been deported, or better yet not allowed into the United States in the first place, Steinle wouldn’t have lost her life. Steinle may be the case that many people draw on when discussing the issue of allowing criminals into the country via illegal immigration, but she certainly isn’t the only case.

Just last week, a Florida police officer was shot in the head by an illegal immigrant. Breitbart News reports that the shooter’s name is Wisner Desmaret. Desmaret is a 29-year-old illegal immigrant from Haiti. The suspect is being slapped with eight felonies, which include the hefty charge of first-degree murder for having nearly killed Fort Meyers Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller.

It was reported that police arrived on the scene ready to intervene on the altercation between numerous men and the suspect at a gas station. This is when the suspect started to open fire at police. A bullet struck Jobbers-Miller in the head. The officer is currently recovering, but if you are looking to help there is a GoFundMe in his name.

So, please let me ask again why Democrats are actually encouraging illegal immigrants to come by the masses into America? Why are we putting the lives of American citizens at risk? Why are we risking the lives of our officers more at risk than they already are everyday? This should have never happened. Desmaret should have never been here.

This illegal alien was arrested before during a 2011 standoff with police. He was also taken into custody numerous times for having trespassed. He was most recently arrested in March of 2017 when he should have been handed over to ICE, but no one ever did.

The problem with Democrats is that they think because someone is against illegal immigration it means that they are against immigration all together. This just isn’t the case. Our country is a beautiful melting pot of people from all around the world, but it can only be beautiful if we all play by the rules, and that includes gaining citizenship legally.

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