Media Calls Pittsburgh Penguins ‘Racist’ For Honoring Cops Shot In Synagogue Massacre


The Pittsburgh Penguins, the hockey team from the city that just experienced the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in the history of the United States and one in which four cops were shot, have been declared racist for supporting those officers.

Three officers attended the Penguins game on Tuesday and held a Blue Lives Matter flag. A gesture to honor the officers who were shot working to save lives.

Yahoo News called the display of the flag “controversial.”

As some on social media quickly pointed out, Chief Shubert was proudly displaying a “Blue Lives Matter” flag during the face-off — a symbol that is widely seen as law enforcement’s insulting countermovement to the Black Lives Matter campaign, which aims to end systemic racism and violence against the African-American community.

Others media outles joined “the protest” calling the act racist, one-sided, controversial etc.

Classy, aren’t they?

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