Media Barred From Bringing Bullet-Proof Vests, Gas Masks And Helmets To Inauguration


U.S. Capitol Police is informing media outlets that reporters will not be allowed to bring bullet-proof vests, gas masks or helmets to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration Wednesday, amid heightened concerns about violence in the wake of an attack on the Capitol by a pro-Trump mob.

Reporters will not be allowed to bring this kind of protective equipment through any screening checkpoint around the Capitol’s extensive security perimeter, which stretches several blocks beyond the Capitol building itself in all directions.

The Capitol Police sent out to the guidance after a few reporters looked at possibly gearing up before Wednesday’s ceremony, in case there’s more violence.

The Capitol campus has begun to resemble a military base in a combat zone, with more than 21,000 National Guardsmen deployed around Washington ahead of Biden’s inauguration.

Hundreds of Guardsmen in combat fatigues, carrying packs and assault rifles, hav… (Read more)

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