McEnany Slams Media’s Hunter Biden Cover-Up: ‘They Hid The Story And Influenced The Election’


Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany blasted the media’s ongoing cover-up of the Hunter Biden scandal, on the heels of a New York Post editorial lamenting that the paper’s scoops are “being ignored by outlets that would be all over them if they were about the Trump family.”

The most recent development was an unearthed photo of then-Vice President Joe Biden attending a 2015 dinner with son Hunter’s alleged business partner from Kazakhstan, despite the president’s repeated denials of any association with his son’s business dealings.

“Where are the investigative journalists?,” McEnany asked on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday.

“This should have been out during the election.”

McEnany recalled asking reporters in 2020 when she was White House press secretary to watch Tucker Carlson’s Fox News interview with former Hunter associate Tony Bobulinski, who told Carlson weeks before th… (Read more)

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