McEnany Remembers Rush Limbaugh: ‘I Am The Definition Of A Rush Baby’


Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany remembered Rush Limbaugh, who passed away Wednesday, as someone who “exhibited unrelenting boldness to share the truth,” saying the United States is “better because of him.”

“America has lost the giant of conservatism, a man who inspired tens of thousands of Rush Babies like me to enter politics and media,” McEnany said. “I can say without hesitation I would not have entered this field if it were not for those rides in my dad’s pickup truck listening to Rush.”

“He exhibited unrelenting boldness to share the truth, and our country is better because of him,” she said. “We lost our giant, but the movement he inspired will continue for generations to come.”

During an exclusive interview with Fox News last year, McEnany said she had a passion for politics from a very young age, saying it was “almost innate.”

“As I grew up, listening to Rush Limbaugh in my dad’s truck shaped my views and only energized me more,” McEnany said, noting her “biggest inspiration” was the prominent conservative radio talk show host.

“I was – as they say – a ‘Rush Baby.’ As a high schooler,” she recalled, “I would drive my friends to school and force them all to listen to Rush!”

She added: “He spoke common-sense truth that inspired my career. I wouldn’t be here today without his voice in politics.”

McEnany tweeted Wednesday that she is “the definition of a ‘Rush Baby.”

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