McDonald’s Sends BRUTAL Message to Liberal Minimum Wage Protesters


Whiney liberals are determined to impose an inflated minimum wage even if that means driving out of business the places where they want to work.

I know, it doesn’t make any sense. But, that’s liberals for you.

One major employer – McDonald’s – is firing back by showing these minimum wage protesters exactly what will happen if they continue down this ridiculous path.

Chicago Business reports:

“In an effort to stem a flow of customers away from its restaurants, McDonald’s today said it is launching mobile ordering, mobile pay and curbside pickup across its 14,000-plus U.S. restaurants in the fourth quarter, executives said this morning.”

Longer-term plans that the company is looking to have in place by 2020 include self-order kiosks and other automated conveniences for customers.

The bottom line is that McDonald’s won’t need as many human employees as it streamlines the experience at its restaurants.

So, liberal whiners can either fall in line and do their jobs properly, or simply be replaced by machines.

Or, they could do like the rest of us and go study and better themselves if they want a higher paying job.

But complaining for a handout is only going to result in them being kicked to the curb.

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