McConnell: Dems Want To ‘Rig The Rules Of Elections’


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Monday torched the Democrats’ election takeover bill on the Senate floor as a purely “partisan power grab” by the left “to rig the rules of American elections permanently” in their favor.

As the Senate looks to vote on the Democrats’ election bill this week, McConnell took to the Senate floor to explain what the Democrats are trying to accomplish with their radical agenda. “Senate Democrats entered June with an agenda that was designed to fail. The Democratic leader planned votes on a host of the left’s most radical priorities,” McConnell said.

“None of it was ever intended to clear the Senate’s appropriately high bar for advancing legislation. Instead, the failure of their partisan agenda was meant to show somehow — somehow — that the Senate itself was failing,” the minority leader added. “For months, our colleagues built anticipation for the failure.”

He explained that this “particular radical proposal” was the “same bad bill since the House introduced its version back in 2019,” which has the “same nakedly partisan motives.” He added that “ever since democrats got the election outcome they wanted last fall, we watched our colleagues actually update the rationale for their latest partisan power grab.”

McConnell further explained that the Democrats have claimed the use of a filibuster is a racist tactic and legislatures that have passed elections are racist as well. McConnell noted those have all since been debunked. He said, “Remember, the last presidential election saw the highest voter turnout in decades — even amidst a once-in-a-century pandemic.”

In the last election, “African American turnout was twice as high in Mississippi as it was in Massachusetts,” he said, adding states like Georgia have since passed laws to update their election process after “lessons learned” from the pandemic, but Democrats label them a “redux of Jim Crow.”

“Even left-leaning fact checks debunked the… (Read more)

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