McCabe lied under oath 3 times. Time to lock him up.


In a long-awaited report laying out what Attorney General Jeff Sessions says led him to fire the FBI’s former deputy director, Andrew McCabe, just two days before his planned retirement, the Justice Department’s internal watchdog accuses McCabe of “lacking candor” on multiple occasions and violating FBI policy when he authorized the disclosure of sensitive investigative information to a reporter.

Representatives for McCabe called all of those findings “false,” saying much of the report “is based on a deeply flawed assessment of the evidence against Mr. McCabe.”

The report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz was released publicly on Friday, less than one month after Sessions said his private review of the report led him to conclude McCabe should be removed from government immediately.

McCabe has become a frequent target of criticism from President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers, who allege that McCabe’s time at the top of the FBI was emblematic of political bias in the FBI’s law enforcement work.

Shortly after the report was released Trump tweeted that McCabe “LIED!, LIED!, LIED!”

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