Maxine Waters Strong-Worded Statement Has Backfired!


Maxine Waters rebuff against the ‘Despicable’ doxing claims, has gotten her trolled as ‘not having the temperament’ for office.

As reported by rt.com

Rep. Maxine Waters called the accusations that her office leaked Republican senators’ private data “despicable lies,” prompting comments that anger means guilt in apparent allusion to Democrats’ reactions to Kavanaugh testimony.

Passions are running high in Washington in the aftermath of testimonies from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, who she accused of sexual assault more than 30 years ago.

While the two were giving emotional speeches and responses before the Senate Judicial Committee on Thursday, somebody leaked personal data of senators Lindsey O. Graham, Mike Lee and Orrin G. Hatch, including phone numbers and home addresses.

Several right-wing outlets reported that the leak was coming from the office of Waters. The Democratic Congresswoman said in a strong-worded statement that she was “utterly disgusted by the spread of the completely false, absurd, and dangerous lies and conspiracy theories that are being pedaled by ultra-right wing pundits, outlets and websites.”

She also said that the Capitol Police and an internal IT specialists determined that her staff had nothing to do with the doxing.

However, online commentators argued that the denial only confirmed that the Congresswoman’s guilt, while her temper makes her unfit to hold the office in the House of Representatives. Some Democrats said that Kavanaugh’s anger during the hearing makes him unfit for office.

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