Maxine Waters Has Been Caught. This Could Be the End for Her


Once again – the Democrats accuse Trump of something, and now we find out they themselves are GUILTY!

Rep. Maxine Waters has been at the forefront of the Democratic “resistance” to Trump.

This movement claims Trump is a racist womanizer who can’t be trusted to govern our nation.

Well, someone over at The Federalist Papers just dug up an old C-span video showing Waters herself not only attending, but being called out and honored at a Nation of Islam rally.

Here’s the link. The video is long. You can find Waters at around the 50-minute mark.

That guy speaking? That’s Louis Farrakah, leader of the Nation of Islam, and one of the most racist men in America.

He hates whites. He hates Jews (a lot). He even hates blacks who don’t subscribe to his way of thinking.

And Waters attended his rally.

Sure, it happened 16 years ago, but can you imagine the firestorm the media would make out of Trump attending a Ku Klux Klan rally, even if it was 50 years ago!

Hell, they’re still talking about a locker room joke he made decades ago.

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