Maxine Waters: Americans Too Dumb To Understand “Danger” Trump Poses (Video)


Low IQ Maxine Waters calling us dumb, now I think I’ve heard it all. Auntie Maxine can barely spell the word dumb much less understand its meaning. Like most liberals, she’s just projecting!

Aren’t we lucky as Americans to have a race-baiting, victimizing, grievance-grinding poverty-pimp like Auntie Maxine to scold us the deplorables on our the error of our ways?

The Hill:

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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) on Sunday expressed concern that Americans do not fully understand what she called the “danger” of President Trump and his actions regarding the Russia investigation.

Waters, one of Trump’s most vocal critics in the House, told MSNBC’s Joy Reid that despite the multiple indictments that have resulted from the investigation, American people do not fully understand the connections between Trump and Russia.

“They should know that something is terribly wrong,” Waters said.

“Given all we have learned about this president, all the connections of his allies and the people around him to Russia … there’s not an understanding about the danger of this president and the way that he has lied,” she added.

Exactly WHAT do ‘most’ Americans not understand? It’s time to erase the ambiguity of statements like Maxine’s.

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