Mattis To Americans: Obama Lied To You … But Now I’m Going To Tell You The Truth


While former President Barack Obama is no longer in the Oval Office, his policies are still ruining the lives of millions of Americans.

The problems that Obama left for President Trump are so immense that it’s hard to imagine one man being able to reverse all the damage, but if anyone can, it’s Donald Trump.

Perhaps the most egregious of these things was the troop drawdown from Iraq and Afghanistan. This drawdown was already planned under former President George Bush, but Obama took full advantage of the plan.

The most sickening thing was watching Obama take credit for “bringing the troops home.” Unfortunately, he brought these soldiers home only to send them back to the Middle East a few years later. We all know that Barack Obama was never the kind of guy who would allow himself to be scrutinized for anything, so he did everything he could to stave off the negative inflow of comments.

Now that President Trump has decided to push the US war in Afghanistan, it has been made known that the amount of troops in the region has been severely under-reported.

The Daily Caller reported that on Wednesday the Pentagon (under the direction of Secretary of Defense James Mattis) revealed that there are around 11,000 United States service members currently in Afghanistan. reported:

Prior to this announcement, the Pentagon would only ever admit to there being 8,400 troops there under force management based on orders from the Obama administration.

Pentagon Chief Spokesperson Dana W. White and Joint Staff Director Lt. Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. emphasized the Obama-era policy affected combat readiness in Afghanistan and did not tell the whole truth as to the number of US forces in Afghanistan to the American people.

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There’s no doubt that we won’t see CNN criticizing former President Barack Obama for lying about the numbers.

“This way of doing business is over,” White stated indefinitely, continuing on, “We owe the American people as much transparency as possible.”

The truth of the matter is that the Obama administration came to the 8,400 number in order to not disclose troops that were deployed on “temporary status,” even though they were there to support both the United States and NATO missions. Because of Obama’s cover-up, units were deployed without being completed just to keep numbers under the 8,400 mark. Now that honest accounting will take place, this won’t be happening anymore.

Mattis’ decision is a major repudiation of the dishonest Obama era policy, which did nothing but diminish our military’s combat readiness.

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Complete units will now be on alert and prepared for deployment should their numbers be called, without fear of being split apart for political purposes.

This is yet another example of President Zero’s indifference to our military’s needs and the fact that everything he did and continues to do is all about making himself look good.

Former President Barack Obama just does not have America’s best interests at heart. How he was elected twice truly baffles me to this day. Let’s hope that with Trump in office we won’t have these kinds of issues anymore.

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