Maryland Woman Drove For Months With Dead Children In Trunk, Discovered During Traffic Stop


Police discovered during a traffic stop last week that a woman had been driving around with two dead children in her trunk for months.

Police said the body of one of the children had been there for well over a year, WBFF reported.

The gruesome discovery was made after officers with the Baltimore County Police Department’s (BCPD) Essex precinct stopped 33-year-old Nichole Michelle Johnson for speeding near Wagners Lane and Eastern Boulevard at approximately 11 p.m. on July 28.

Johnson was also allegedly driving a vehicle with fake paper tags out of West Virginia, WBFF reported.

Police confirmed the car was both uninsured and unregistered and arranged to have it towed.

They also issued Johnson multiple citations and told her to show up in court in five days, WBAL reported.

“It don’t matter, I won’t be here in five days,” she allegedly told police, according to WBFF. “Y’all going to see me on the news, y’all going to see me on the news making my big debut.”

Johnson was gathering her belongings out of the trunk when one of the officers caught a whiff of “the unmistakable odor of decomposition,” according to court documents.

“She admitted that she smelled the strong odor of decomposition but thought it was a rat in the engine,” police said, according to WBAL.

She lifted a clear trash bag from the car and the officer saw maggots crawling around inside it, but Johnson tried to claim it was just a bag of dirty blankets, police said.

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The officer told her to remove the blankets, which were covering a suitcase, WBFF reported.

Johnson opened the suitcase, revealing the severely decomposed body of one of the children, and took off running, according to police.

She was apprehended shortly thereafter, WBFF reported.

Homicide investigators subsequently found the body of the second child stuffed inside a plastic tote in the trunk, according to police.

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The children were identified as seven-year-old Joshlyn Marie James Johnson and five-year-old Larry Darnell O’Neal, WBFF reported.

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