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Marshawn Lynch Gets NASTY SURPRISE After Refusing To Stand For National Anthem


Last year, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick made headlines when he refused to stand during the national anthem before his games.

After months of this race-baiting nonsense and an abysmal season of playing, Kaepernick found himself being let go from the team. Since then, Kaepernick has desperately tried to find another team that would sign him, going so far as to promise to stand for the national anthem.

Freedom Daily reported that Kaepernick’s friend Marshawn Lynch came out of retirement this summer to join the Raiders football team as a star running back. During his first game, Lynch showed support for Kaepernick by sitting during the national anthem.

It didn’t take long for this to come back to bite him…

Former Blackhawks star and current NBC studio hockey analyst Jeremy Roenick reportedly took to Twitter on Monday to slam Lynch for disrespecting our country.

The first tweet from Roenick to his 380,000-plus followers was a screen grab of a story – since discredited as fiction and no longer available on – with a made-up quote from the Pittsburgh Steelers’ James Harrison.

“Anyone on my team sits for anthem, they better be in a wheelchair,” said the fake quote in the headline.

This prompted Roenick to tweet: “Now this is a man I want on my team! Too bad bad we have to sit around and watch disrespectful athletes sit on cooler!! Disgraceful!” Roenick then followed that with two thumbs-down emojis.

While some critics immediately jumped on Roenick’s Harrison endorsement because of a 2008 domestic altercation Harrison had with his then-girlfriend, the veracity of the Harrison story with a byline attributed to the title character of a 1996 Adam Sandler film was not immediately challenged.

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