Mark Meadows: Trump “Accomplished More In His First 100 Days Than Joe Biden Did In The Last 40 Years”


Appearing on “This Week” White House chief of staff Mark Meadows argued that Trump has ” accomplished more in his first 100 days than Joe Biden did in the last 40 years/”

Meadows argued “Joe Biden has barely passed two bills, one of which he’s trying to run away from because of the left.”

Reacting to Biden’s DNC speech, Meadows commented “”You couldn’t have watched any of that without considering it dark.”

Addressing accusations made from a leaked tape of Trump’s sister, Meadows said “a number of the accusations that are being made I’ve been able to witness up close and personal and they’re just not true.”

He added “The president is not only well-prepared but reads so much that it causes me to have to read many times well into the night to catch up with him.”


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