Mark Hamill (aka Luke Skywalker) Breaks His Silence in BOMBSHELL Tweet


Actor Mark Hamill is all the rage again with the release of the latest Star Wars movie, and he's using his regained platform to take political shots at what he views as the "dark side."

Hamill took to Twitter to lambast FCC Chairman Ajit Pai for using Star Wars imagery to defend his decision to repeal net neutrality.

Pai released a short YouTube clip to explain to folks reacting to the net neutrality issue with hysteria that the decision isn't actually going to change anything.

In what might have been a misguided effort to make the issue more palatable, Pai used a lot of cutesy imagery.

Hamill, clearly a proponent of net neutrality, fired back, irritated over the use of Star Wars themes in the video:

Cute video Ajit "Aren't I Precious?" Pai -but you are profoundly unworthy 2 wield a lightsaber-A Jedi acts selflessly for the common man-NOT lie 2 enrich giant corporations. Btw-did you pay John Williams his royalty?

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Source: The Hill

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