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Marine Vet Speaks Out About His Viral Video Supporting Trump’s Travel Ban


Marine Lance Corporal Steven Gern never thought in a million years that his Facebook video showing why President Trump’s Muslim travel ban is so important would go MEGA-VIRAL.

But within days, the clip had been viewed nearly 45 MILLION times!

With Trump’s temporary immigration restrictions being so divisive, that’s actually not so surprising.

A lot of people, especially liberals, are spewing slogans regarding the ban, but very few REALLY know what they’re talking about.

Gern does. He’s spent years in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East. He knows exactly what kind of people are trying to get into America.

So he very simply went out and interviewed a few of them. And the responses from average Iraqi Muslims were shocking, to say the least.

Gern’s efforts caused such a stir that the security firm he works for had to evacuate him from Iraq for his own safety.

Back in the States, Gern told Fox News that he’s eager to keep spreading the truth:

“There are a lot of unknowns right now and what we don’t need is to continue to flood the United States with people from countries that are in such bad states when it comes to terrorism—we can’t have them come in until they are properly vetted.

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“The Iraqis, in general, have very little respect for any America –regardless of whether you’re a Marine, a contractor, or a civilian—they have very little respect for you. The United States pumps more and more money and it’s not appreciated –why don’t we just take care of our own?”

Gern urged Americans to listen to those like himself who have experience in the Middle East and really know the risks:

“This is boots on the ground—this is what’s actually happening—I know firsthand. People are being naive—they need to understand there is a reason we have processes and policies in place to protect Americans.”

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