Man Who Was Clinically DEAD for an Hour Says He ‘Saw Heaven, Met Dead Friends’


Gary Wood died. Medical first responders confirmed it, as did the doctors who examined him following a severe car crash.

But an hour later, Wood was back. And he had an incredible experience to tell.

“Dying is just like taking your clothes off and just laying them aside,” Wood, now a doctor himself, said of what happened to him 50 years earlier.

“I stepped out of this body, this Earth suit, and then was lifted up through the top of my car and my whole life just passed before my eyes in just an instant,” he related to presenter Sid Roth on his show “It’s Supernatural!”.

Ascending to Heaven was “ecstasy, peaceful, calm, tranquility,” he said.

Wood then described standing before the gates of Heaven and being allowed entry by two massive beings that he referred to as angels.

Once inside, Wood said he was met by his “best friend in high school who had been killed in a lawnmower accident,” who gave him a tour of Heaven.

But the real highlight was meeting Jesus and receiving a message to bring back.

“Jesus told me to give a specific message – there will be a spirit of restoration that would prevail throughout the land, there would be a teaching and emphasis on prayer,” he concluded.

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