Man Who Lit Patriot’s Front Porch US Flag on Fire Learns Why You Don’t Do That To a Patriot!


A man has been arrested for allegedly setting fire to an American flag hanging outside of a Richmond, Virginia, home.

After seeing his face all over the news thanks to the homeowner’s security camera, 26-year-old Andrew Rosas reportedly turned himself in to police on Wednesday. He has been charged with arson, according to WTVR-TV in Richmond.

James Tanner was irate over the act of vandalism, saying the perpetrator disregarded the safety of everyone in his home as well as what the American flag represents.

But the suspect may have made one big miscalculation in what he might have felt was a minor act of vandalism.

WTVR-TV explains how the crime could result in a felony charge for Rosas:

In Virginia, burning a flag with malice is against the law and can result in a misdemeanor criminal charge.

The charred flag pole was still attached to the home Wednesday afternoon, and CBS 6 legal analyst Todd Stone said that detail could result in a felony charge.

“That makes it a much more serious offense because it could catch the house on fire and cause risk to the people inside,” Stone said.


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