Man Trying to Kidnap Child Doesn’t Realize What’s Behind Him Till It’s Too Late


It shouldn’t be the case that a child can’t walk down the street in his or her own neighborhood without fearing being kidnapped.

But, thanks in large part to rampant illegal immigration, that’s what it’s come to in many parts of America.

One such place, apparently, is Prince William County, Virginia, where a man described as “Hispanic” attempted to snatch a 10-year-old girl while she was out walking her dog.

The would-be kidnapper grabbed the girl’s arm while ignoring entirely the dog at her side.

That was a fortunate mistake, for the girl.

Her dog immediately sprung into action and bit the man’s arm, causing him to release his victim and flee the scene.

The girl was not physically injured, but did suffer emotional distress. Not to mention the fact that neither she nor her parents will now feel safe strolling the streets of their own neighborhood.

Police K-9 units searched the area, but were unable to find the perpetrator.

Source: Fox News

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