Man Forced to Watch Muslim ‘Refugee’ Rape His Girlfriend


A couple from Germany lived through what can only be described as a nightmare when they encountered a Muslim “refugee” in the forest.

The couple was camping near the German capital of Bonn when this horrific scene unfolded.

They were approached by a man wielding a machete, an asylum seeker from the African nation of Ghana.

He attacked the boyfriend, and then made him watch as the “refugee” raped his girlfriend.

After the Muslim man finished having his way with the woman, he left, and the boyfriend quickly called police and medical first responders.

Thanks to an accurate description provided by the boyfriend, and DNA found on the girlfriend, police were able to capture the assailant a short time later.

But while this monster is (hopefully) now behind bars, the nightmare of what happened will persist for this poor couple for a long time to come.

And it once again highlights the incredibly dangerous situation Germany has put itself in by permitting unchecked Muslim immigration.

Crime, rape and violence have reached new heights in Europe, and will, too, in America if we don’t take heed.

Source: Daily Mail

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