Man Flying MAGA Flag Treated to DEADLY Dose of Liberal Intolerance


Want to know how tolerant liberals really are? Just take a peek at all those incidents of Trump-hating liberals resorting to violence against Republicans.

And those are just the incidents we know of. Rest assured, the “fake news” mainstream media is ignoring the bulk of the attacks to protect their own narrative.

One story that is getting out involves an Indiana man who was proudly flying a “Make America Great Again” flag on his Dodge pickup truck.

As he was traveling down I-465, another car pulled up alongside him and OPENED FIRE!

Fox News reports that several bullets hit the pickup truck. Someone could easily have been hurt, or worse.

The attack occurred just one day before a proudly Democratic gunman opened fire on GOP members at a baseball practice in Virginia.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise remains in serious condition following that shooting.

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