Malia Obama is Busted


Malia Obama thought she could hide it.

The Internet proved her wrong.

The elder daughter of former President Barack Obama had what’s being called a “secret” Facebook page on which she bashed President Trump.

The page, which Malia posted to using a pseudonym, was active in 2016-2017, just as Obama was wrapping up high school and when Trump was coming into office and undoing her father’s legacy.

Among the posts, Malia writes that “Donald Trump is evil” and “Donald Trump is President – This is not normal”.

Liberals commenting on social media were angry that the story was picked up by a British tabloid, arguing that the child of a president shouldn’t be so publicly scrutinized.

But, wouldn’t the liberal media do the same, and much worse, if it were discovered that Barron Trump was tweeting or posted to Facebook nasty comments about Obama?

Via Daily Mail

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