Majority Of Voters Say Biden Is Unable To Handle Issues With Russia, China: Poll


A majority of voters in a new poll say President Biden is unable to handle growing issues with Russia and China as tensions rise with the two countries.

Fifty-four percent of registered voters in the latest Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey, which was released exclusively to The Hill, said Biden is not able to “handle difficult international issues like defending Ukraine from the Russians and protecting Taiwan from China,” while 46 percent said he is able to tackle the problems. 

The poll comes amid spiking tensions with both Moscow and Beijing.

The U.S and NATO allies are trying to deter Russia from invading Ukraine after it amassed more than 100,000 troops on its border. Negotiations have thus far failed to come to an agreement to reverse the buildup, and the State Department has started evacuating diplomats’ families from the embassy in Kyiv, a sign that worries over an invasion are growing.

The Biden administration and allies have threatened severe economic repercussions if Russia invades, though the appetite for a military conflict appears low.

Meanwhile, China has grown increasingly aggressive toward Taiwan, an autonom… (Read more)

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