Majority Of Voters Now Want To Finish Trump’s Wall As Border ‘Crisis’ Intensifies


A majority of voters now say they want the government to finish construction of former President Donald Trump’s border wall, according to polling from the Senate Opportunity Fund, which also found Americans itching for a tougher approach to illegal immigration than President Biden is taking.

They see the migrant surge as a “crisis” and blame Mr. Biden for causing it, the poll showed.

By a large margin — 71% to 19% — voters said they want the administration to get tougher on illegal immigration by, among other things, enforcing laws and ending incentives.

Those are sobering statistics for the White House, which is facing growing bipartisan unease on Capitol Hill over the state of the border. Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress say the record pace of illegal immigration and the crowding in Border Patrol facilities have reached the point of a crisis. Mr. Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have rejected that label.

The border mess is hindering Mr. Biden’s attempts to celebrate the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package he signed into law this month.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki is inundated with border-related inquiries at the daily press briefing. Those questions also dog Mr. Biden as he travels around the country to tout his administration’s early achievements.

“For President Biden, the challenge is really that this is a political issue that Republicans see as giving them an advantage — particularly in the face of rising approval ratings for President Biden after passing the stimulus and passing that 100 million vaccines in arms mark,” Lara Fink, a Democratic strategist, told a local CBS affiliate during Mr. Biden’s trip last week to Atlanta.

The dissent surfaced again Tuesday ahead of Mr. Biden’s visit to Ohio after Republican Senate candidate Jane Timken released a television advertisement accusing the president of caring more about illegal immigrants than struggling Americans.

“During the pandemic, Ohio’s small businesses and families struggled to survive,” Ms. Timken says in the ad. “What was Joe Biden’s first legislative proposal? A liberal plan to give amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants.”

Mr. Biden’s predecessor in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump, is saying in statements and interviews that Mr. Biden has squandered the most secure border in U. S. history.

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A public that was often skeptical of Mr. Trump’s immigration policies while he was in office seems to be coming around to the former president’s approach. Growing support for the border wall is a particularly striking change.

When Mr. Trump proposed a wall during the 2016 campaign, it cleaved the country, with supporters and opponents abo… (Read more)

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