Major TV Networks Have Had Enough. They Just Shut It Down!


Two of the top American television networks covering the NFL have decided they’re done with the “take a knee” controversy and will stop broadcasting the National Anthem before games.

The networks did not typically broadcast the National Anthem, but did so for the first few weeks of this season amidst the firestorm surrounding the childish protests of NFL players taking a knee and disrespecting our flag.

But, like the NFL, these networks have taken a massive financial hit as PISSED OFF Americans simply stopped watching football.

They need to get the cash flowing again, and so are desperate to put the National Anthem protests behind them.

From CNN:

Fox said the network won’t be showing the anthem live, but that the cameras “are always rolling so if something happens, we will be sure to cover it.” ESPN also said it would not air the anthem live Monday night.

CBS declined to comment and NBC did not respond.

The networks moved off the anthem broadcasts last weekend, but Vice President Pence walked out of an Indianapolis Colts game on Sunday when some members of the San Francisco 49ers took a knee, and brought the debate back into the spotlight.

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