Major Anti-Trump Newspaper Is Laying Off Half Its Staff


The New York Daily newspaper management has announced they are laying off half of their staff. Their new strategy will be more focus on “breaking news” and hot topics.

The New York Daily News announced on Monday plans to eliminate half of its newsroom as part of a broader effort to refocus the newspaper.

Daily News staff members were notified of the cuts in an email sent by the company’s human resources department. The note also detailed a new direction for the paper, with an increased focus on breaking news, particularly stories about crime, civil justice and public responsibility. The paper will still cover local news and sports, the email said.

Journalists for the newspaper were called to a 9 a.m. meeting and then told to wait for the email, which notified them of the cuts and the paper’s new direction.

What did they expect when they decided to alienate half the U.S. population by going after Trump.

On July 4th, the Daily News depicted Trump as a clown.

Not a good strategy to insult one of best presidents in our lifetime.

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