Mainstream Media Is REFUSING To Report NSA Leakers Political Affiliation…We Will


Reality Leigh Winner was arrested for leaking top secret documents from the National Security Agency.

Mainstream media outlets are refusing to report her graphically vicious political opinions – which may have been motivation behind the leak.

Per Fox News:

Not long after top-secret documents from the National Security Agency made their way onto the Internet news site The Intercept on Monday, the Justice Department arrested NSA contractor Reality Winner.

The 25-year-old Air Force veteran worked on a military base in Georgia, but online she had a long history of being heavily anti-Trump, an apparent social justice warrior, and a supporter of Iran over the U.S. During their evening broadcasts, the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) either played down her political attitudes, or outright ignored them as they reported on what she did.

NBC, CBS seem especially clueless on what could have motivated the 25-year-old:

During his report on “NBC Nightly News,” Justice Correspondent Pete Williams passed along her family’s claim that “she wasn’t highly political,” and anchor Lester Holt claimed her “motive is a mystery.” But in reality, Winner was anything but silent about her political views.

***Caution, Winner’s social media posts contain very strong language***

In a tweet she wrote earlier this year, she smeared Trump, saying: “the most dangerous entry to this country was the orange fascist we let into the White House.”

She had tweeted profanities targeting Trump, such as #F*ckingWall#TrumpIsAC**t, and she tweeted the anti-Trump rallying cry of #notmypresident. Winner also was a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and had said on Twitter that “being white is terrorism.”

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On the “CBS Evening News,” Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett merely brushed over her anti-Trump hatred. “Winner, whose social media postings sharply criticized President Trump, faces up to 10 years in prison,” he said.

ABC News simply disregarded the NSA contractor’s political opinion:

ABC’s “World News Tonight” ignored Winner’s political leanings all together, but on four different times, they mentioned that she was a veteran. “Reality Leigh Winner, an NSA linguist trained in Farsi and Pashto, who received an Air Force commendation medal, described by family as a patriot,” reported Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas.

Winner’s social media accounts were crawling with her radical political posts, but Thomas couldn’t be bothered to report on it. Instead, he was more interested in her workout and yoga videos on Facebook. “A young woman into fitness, seen here on Facebook discussing yoga instruction and competing in weightlifting,” he noted.

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