Mainstream Media GOONS Say It’s OK to Publish FAKE NEWS, As Long As…


In a bizarre twist, the mainstream media seems to actually be embracing what President Trump says is its penchant for publishing “fake news.”

It began when ABC News reporter Terry Morgan effectively said it’s OK for the media to publish “fake news,” even when it knows the reports are false, because Trump has done so, too.

“@realDonaldTrump @KellyannePolls, say peddling anonymous, uncorroborated falsehoods is wrong. There’s an old saying: Live by the sword…”

The comment came after Trump’s transition team slammed popular liberal news site BuzzFeed for publishing a massive, unsubstantiated report claiming all kinds of wrong-doing by the president.

From there, the story spread like wildfire to the mainstream media.

Trump insisted it was “fake news” and anyone publishing it was engaging in false reporting.

A “fact checker” for the Washington Post replied: “Funny, Barack Obama could have tweeted this around the time Trump clamed he had “sources” saying Obama fabricated his birth certificate.”

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The New York Times reported on the fiasco by applauding BuzzFeed for “stirring debate” by publishing unverified claims.

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The Federalist deftly parsed the idiotic reasoning of the mainstream media goons:

“So to parse his line of reasoning, [they are] covering BuzzFeed’s malfeasance by suggesting journalists aren’t obligated to publish only the truth that can be verified if the person who they’re covering has also spread untrue information. In other words: Donald Trump spreads falsehoods, so we can do the same about him!”

Wow, that’s some journalistic ethics right there.

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