Mainstream Media Congratulates Iceland For Killing Everyone With Down Syndrome


While our own liberals manufacture a fascist crisis, something truly disturbing, truly fascist (at least in the Nazi sense) is happening abroad.

It was one of Adolf Hitler’s dreams to eradicate impurities in the German population. So he’d certainly have been proud of the lengths to which Iceland has gone to eliminate cases of Down syndrome in the island nation.

Since Hitler is dead and gone, CBS News is taking up the role of cheerleader in this instance.

A post to the CBS News Twitter account enthusiastically teased an upcoming segment by announcing that “Iceland is on page to virtually eliminate Down syndrome through abortion.”

To be clear, Iceland hasn’t found a way to reverse Down syndrome or otherwise “cure” the genetic disorder. It’s simply killing any unborn children who might be inflicted with it.

And there you go! Down syndrome solved!

Liberals will call this progressive, while ignoring entirely that these are the same policies once championed by the Nazis.

H/T Herman Cain

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