Madonna TAUNTS the Secret Service! She is GOING DOWN!!!


This disgusting woman belongs in jail!

Madonna has made a career out of shocking people. But she’s taken it to a new level the past few days, a level bordering on terrorism.

At the vile, profanity-laced Women’s March in Washington, DC on Saturday, Madonna, in between dropping f-bombs, literally threatened to blow up the White House now that Trump is president.

“Yes, I thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” the aging pop star screeched to wild cheers from the mob of liberal feminists.

A lot of people quickly pointed out that what Madonna had done was a federal crime. One source reported that the Secret Service had already launched an investigation.

So what did Madonna do next?

Why, she proceeded to TAUNT the Secret Service! Probably realizing how much trouble she’d be in, Madonna quickly deleted the tweet, but not before it was copied.

Madonna tried to delete the evidence, but it was already too late

She later took to Instagram to claim that everyone had simply misunderstood her. That her remarks had been “taken out of context.”

Oh, I think we heard you loud and clear, Madonna. And so did the authorities.

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