Mad Dog Mattis Caught Doing Something Totally Out of Line at the Trump White House


James “Mad Dog” Mattis is not your typical White House official.

That’s fitting given that he’s secretary of defense to the most unconventional president in living memory.

But, even so many months into this administration, what Mattis was caught doing at the White House on Friday still caused a lot of folks to scratch their heads.

As the staff of the most security building on earth were getting ready to sit down to breakfast, they were shocked to find that one of their servers was none other than Mattis!

This wasn’t some public photo-op.

This was done totally in private. It was just a man at the top of his game still demonstrating an inspirational level of humility.

Whether you love or hate their policies, it’s hard to deny that this administration is chock-full of genuine leadership the likes of which America has been craving for a very long time.

H/T Independent Journal Review

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