Loudoun County Prosecutor Faces Recall Over School Board Chair Defense


A Virginia prosecutor who insisted on defending the woke Loudoun County school board chair from an attempt to unseat her now faces her own recall as a result.

Attorney Buta Biberaj is refusing to recuse herself from the case to remove School Board Chair Brenda Sheridan, despite what district parents say is an apparent conflict of interest.

Fight for Schools, the parent organization that filed to remove Sheridan, has now also filed a petition to remove Biberaj – who received a $861,039 contribution from the George Soros-funded Justice and Public Safety PAC during her 2019 election – from the case.

Ian Prior, executive director of the group, claimed Biberaj was ‘very involved in two of the very serious incidents’ that were catalysts for the push for Sheridan’s recall.

He said Loudoun County residents need to know the case will be handled fairly and that Biberaj’s involvement makes that nearly impossible.

‘It is necessary to have faith that the prosecutor in this removal proceeding has no actual or perceived conflicts, that she will go where the evidence takes her, and litigate this case with appropriate prosecutorial zeal,’ Prior told Fox News.

‘In this case, Commonwealth Attorney Biberaj was very involved in two of the very serious incidents that gave rise to the recall. There is simply no way that the people of Loudoun County can be confident in a fair process for the removal of Brenda Sheridan unless Ms. Biberaj either recuses herself, or is disqualified based on her conflicts of interest, and an independent prosecutor is appointed by the Court.’

Fight for Schools filed a petition to remove Sheridan from her role as school board leader, citing 11 claims against her, including one involving a sexual assault and five involving an anti-racism Facebook group in which Biberaj was also a member.

That group sought to target Loudoun County parents opposed to the teaching of critical race theory in schools.

The organization then filed a motion to disqualify Biberaj from the Sheridan case on November 12.

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‘Biberaj has a clear conflict of interest that precludes her from participating in this case as Commonwealth’s Attorney,’ the motion reads.

It also claims ‘Biberaj participated in the private Facebook group that sought to target and harass parents.’

‘Participation in this private Facebook group makes Biberaj a potential witness for both parties,’ Fight for Schools alleged.

The document also claims Loudoun County Sheriff Michael Chapman, told journalist Sharyl Attkisson, he ‘couldn’t really go to my Commonwealth Attorney because she was part of this group.’

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Although Biberaj is said to have been a member of the Facebook group, she is not accused of participating in harassment or targeting of parents.

The document also notes that Biberaj prosecuted the father of the 14-year-old victim in the sexual assault case and accuses her of paying a role in ‘allowing the alleged assailant to remain free to commit another assault’.

The district superintendent, however, recently stated that ‘Loudoun County Public Schools, in conjunction with the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, had determined to place the defendant in another school.’

Biberaj is also accused of supporting the district’s controversial equity work, which parents argue promotes critical race theory, on her Twitter account.

A hearing date has not yet been set for the motion for disqualification and Biberaj has not filed a written response to the allegations.

Although Biberaj has not commented on the motion, her office did release a statement late last month on the latest hearing in the Sheridan case. It reads in part:

‘It is our duty, as the Commonwealth’s Attorney, to protect the participants and the process. When and if so certified, then the matter of the petitions can proceed to an evaluation of the allegations and the facts that establish the same.’

The Loudoun County School Board has not commented on Biberaj’s involvement in the Sheridan case, according to Fox. Nor did the superintendent’s office or the presiding judge.

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