Lou Dobbs just went on Fox News & Exposed Obama’s treason on national tv [video]


“Barack Obama, who many claim will be creating a shadow government to frustrate the policy goals of this administration, we’re looking at something that’s coming very close to, it seems to me, sedition,” Dobbs stated.

Not only has Obama come forward to say that he is “heartened” by the protests against the order that temporarily banned immigrants from seven countries, but he is allegedly creating a shadow government in order to keep his implementations in this government.

Many believe the location of the shadow government will be a scarce two miles from the White House and will be aided by a non-profit that catered to Obama’s presidency, which is still up and running despite the Democrat no longer being in office.

Obama is trying to lead the liberals and Democrats in opposing Trump and the orders he passes to improve this country, which is treasonous. Obama is no longer our president — he does not have the right to undermine the current president.

The American people have spoken — we elected Donald Trump as the president of the United States over Obama’s “groomed-for-the-position” Hillary Clinton, and now because the Democrats have lost their power, they are trying to steal it back behind closed doors.

They retreated after the election results came through, going off to lick their wounds and come up with another plan, but so far, all of them have failed. The protesting and rioting went belly-up real fast as did the recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. And now, with Democrats calling for Trump’s impeachment, they are clearly losing their minds.


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