Look Who Was Kicked Out of the White House Today


Kelly Sadler no longer works at the White House.

The sudden announcement came on Wednesday, and is believed to be tied to Sadler’s mocking of Sen. John McCain during a White House communications staff meeting last month.

Via FoxNews:

During a closed-door meeting in May with about two dozen White House communications staffers, Sadler was overheard talking about McCain’s opposition to President Trump’s pick to lead the CIA, Gina Haspel, saying that his opinion is irrelevant because “he’s dying anyway.”

McCain, 81, was diagnosed last year with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Neither Sadler nor the White House issued a public apology for the remark even after it attracted widespread condemnation. Sadler has privately called McCain’s daughter, Meghan, to apologize.

While the Trump White House hasn’t confirmed that Sadler was let go due to her insensitive remark, it seems fairly obvious to those capable of reading between the lines.

Who would have thought, huh?

Liberals claim Trump is such an insensitive jerk, and yet here he is, firing a trusted staffer because they callously mocked one of his most fierce political opponents.

If Trump was really so evil as liberals claim, he’d be thanking Sadler for bad-mouthing McCain.

But, he’s not. So, he didn’t.

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