Look Who Wants to Help Trump Build Border Wall! Liberals are HOWLING!


President Trump is going to build a wall along the border with Mexico. I think we all know by now that the man keeps his promises.

And the list of companies lining up to take part in this massive and lucrative project might surprise you.

A wall of that size is going to need a LOT of cement.

Guess where the largest cement company in the world is located? That’s right, Mexico.

The president of Cemex, Rogelio Zambrano, told the Mexican newspaper Reforma that he’s happily provide an estimate for materials to build Trump’s wall if asked to do so.

The Hill reported that some 225 companies are already lining up to compete for roles in building the wall, so Cemex is going to have some competition.

What do you think about a Mexican company (and Cemex might not be the only one) taking part in building the border wall?

No doubt this has liberals howling.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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