Look Who Visited the Obama White House 13 TIMES! Democrats Are LIVID


This just demolished one of the liberals’ primary narratives and exposed the Democratic leadership as massive hypocrites.

For well over a year now, Democrats have been doing their best to paint President Trump as a sexist and a womanizer.

And the mainstream media has been right there aiding that cause.

Conveniently, all the Trump-haters left out the part about the Democrats themselves cozying up to actual womanizers.

In fact, the Barack Obama White House was visited no less than 13 times by one Harvey Weinstein, focus of the nation’s largest sexual harassment scandal at the moment.

Weinstein visited the Obama White House over a dozen times during the course of four years.

Democrats apparently had no problem with real sexual harassment then, but suddenly are putting women’s rights center stage the moment there’s even a whiff of Trump wrong-doing.

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