Look What Vegas Shooter Did a Week Before Massacring 59 Americans


There’s something fishy going on with the Las Vegas shooting massacre. Something that either the media or the authorities are not telling us…yet.

All we do know at this point is that, according to the reports, a lone gunman killed 59 innocent Americans and wounded nearly 500 more.

But we also now know that just a week before the shooting, Stephen Paddock, the vile terrorist who carried out this senseless act of violence, wired $100,000 to a bank account in his live-in girlfriend’s home country of the Philippines.

If Paddock was working alone, where’d he get that kind of cash? And why send it to the Philippines, of all places.

Clearly, we, the public, don’t yet have all the information. Will we ever?

NBC News reported:

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock wired $100,000 to an account in his live-in girlfriend’s home country of the Philippines in the week before he unleashed the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history, according to multiple senior law enforcement officials.

But while officials have confirmed that Marilou Danley was in the Philippines on Sunday when Paddock opened fire on a crowd attending a country music festival on the Vegas Strip, it was not known whether the money was for her, her family, or another purpose.

Danley, 62, who had traveled to Hong Kong on Sept. 25, could fill in some of the blanks when she returns to the U.S. on Wednesday, the officials said. Her arrival airport was not known.

Danley was not believed to be involved in the shooting “at this time,” law enforcement officials told reporters on Monday.

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