Look What Happened Immediately After Obama Got On His Plane


During his sham of a presidency, Barack Obama loved nothing more than taking lavish vacations with our tax dollars. Now that he’s out of office, Obama is spending some of the money from his $65 million advance on his book deal on a trip to an island in the South Pacific.

The Hill reported that Obama is currently vacationing on the island of Tetiaroa, where he plans to write his memoir. The former president reportedly plans to be there for an extended stay that will last weeks, or maybe even months.

Once owned by Hollywood star Marlon Brando, the island has become a popular vacation spot for the rich and famous. No wonder Obama ended up going there…

This came after the publishing world expressed shock that the Obamas made this much money.

“The initial thought was they were wrong,” says Publisher’s Weekly News Director Rachel Deahl, according to Town and Country Magazine. “You hear a number like that and think it’s been inflated or that they got bad information.”

“It was a huge shock,” Deahl added. “It’s a staggeringly large sum. I’ve never seen anything like this for standalone books.”

Deahl went on to say that the Obamas likely only sold their books together so that they could maximize the amount of money they’d make.

“I don’t think there is any way [Michelle] could have commanded the money he could,” she said.

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