Look How Many Jobs America Lost Under Obama! And THIS is How Many Trump Got Back For Us!


New statistics keep coming out, and Barack Obama keeps suffering crushing embarrassment as Donald Trump outdoes him in every way as President of the United States.

The latest numbers have to do with what most Americans care about…well, most: JOBS.

Under Obama-era restrictions and regulations, America suffered a net loss of 16,000 manufacturing jobs in 2016 alone!

In the first year of Trump’s presidency? America has logged a net gain of a WHOPPING 171,000 manufacturing jobs!

The numbers were reported by NPR, which did its best to credit everyone and everything but Trump.

However, most reasonably-minded folks will remember that Trump made bringing manufacturing back to America a cornerstone of his campaign.

And these numbers don’t lie. Even if there is a general long-term upswing in manufacturing jobs, there hasn’t been an increase like this in a VERY long time.

Via Conservative Tribune

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