London’s Muslim Mayor Wants This 2002 Video DELETED… SEE IT BEFORE IT’S REMOVED!


Ladies and gentlemen, how far we’ve slid when a man like this can today become mayor of one of the “Christian” West’s most important cities.

Some were seduced by London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s claims to be a “moderate” Muslim who can be trusted to safeguard the Western values upon which England was founded.

So, it was with some surprise that many listened as Sadiq basically brushed off the latest Muslim terrorist attack in London.

And when he so heatedly objected to President Trump condemning that same attack.

But watching this video, it’s now clear that Sadiq was and remains a radical Muslim who will ultimately side with those bent on our destruction.

This needs to be a WAKE-UP CALL.

The men Sadiq is defending in that clip are jihadists who were trying to revive the Islamic Liberation Party, a faction banned in countries across the Middle East for engaging in terrorism.

H/T Gateway Pundit

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