London’s Muslim Mayor Has SICK Surprise For Trump When He Visits Next Year


President Trump has been invited to visit our allies in Britain early next year. But not everyone there will be happy to see him, and Trump’s opponents plan to make their presence felt.

Naturally, Trump’s visit will be focused on the British capital of London. But the city’s Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, bears little but ill will for our president, and plans to do his best to make the visit a nightmare for Trump.

With a Conservative at Downing Street and in the wake of Brexit, London should be one of the friendliest places on earth right now for Trump.

But Khan has bought into the liberal propaganda that says Trump hates all Muslims.

Not only will the mayor NOT “roll out the red carpet” for our president, Trump is reportedly worried by the threat of large-scale protests while in the British capital.

The Daily Mail reports:

Sadiq Khan has warned Donald Trump that there will be ‘no red carpet’ should he visit the United Kingdom.

The Mayor of London renewed his war of words with the U.S. President ahead of a proposed state visit to the capital.

Despite an invite from the UK government, both sides have failed to arrange a date amid reports that Mr Trump has been put off by the threat of large-scale protests.

Consider for a moment the concerning reality in which we live.

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In 2017, the Islamic agenda is determining the behavior of a prominent Western capital toward one of its chief Western allies.

If only the Muslim leaders of old who tried and failed to conquer Europe by force had known how successful they could have been with immigration and faux victimhood!

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