London Mayor Demands Facebook, Twitter Start Censoring Trump


It’s just astonishing that liberals are getting behind this given all their hollering about free speech.

But, then, they’ve never really allowed hypocrisy to get in the way of their agenda.

Ahead of this week’s South by Southwest (SXSW) technology festival in Austin, Texas, the mayor London, Sadiq Khan, insisted that major Internet platforms like Facebook and Twitter are going to find themselves in trouble if they don’t fall in line.

Khan praised new German hate speech laws put in place amid growing anger over the government’s “open-door” immigration policies.

Social media platforms that permit fed-up Germans to voice their frustrations online now face fines up to 50 MILLION euros.

Khan insisted that Facebook and Twitter must be similarly strong-armed.

In particular, Khan would like Twitter to censor President Trump.

“President Trump has lots of followers and some of them have shown interest in me,” he said. “I’m a reluctant participant in any ‘verbal fisticuffs’ between the President of the USA and me. But I’ve got a responsibility as the Mayor of the most diverse city in the world to speak up for my residents.”

Via Breitbart

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