Listen: Ilhan Omar Warns “If The Republican Party” Won’t Remove Taylor Greene From Congress “We Must Do It”


Appearing on with Dean Obeidallah, progressive “squad” member Ilhan Omar that “if the Republican Party” won’t remove Greene “from Congress, we must do it.”

“This person, as you’ve stated, is dangerous and violent,” Omar said. “She has not only posed what many of us would consider a threat against myself and many of my colleagues, but she’s harassed people who have survived violence, children who have survived violence, and is lying about the deaths of so many children, and is really victimizing their families.”

“This is not somebody that should be in office, you know,” she continued “someone said yesterday instead of being in Congress this person needs to be on a watch list.”

“And if the Republican Party and its leadership is not going to do the work of removing her from Congress, we must do it,” she added.

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