Limbaugh Reveals The Secret Reason Mainstream Media is Furious Over US – Russia Summit


Rush Limbaugh set the record straight for anyone who is confused on the US-Russia Summit.

He explained it perfectly. President Trump didn’t choose to avoid publicly condemning Putin for treasonous reasons, he was simply trying to remain professional.

During Limbaugh’s Tuesday program, he explained, “There has to be a reason for this delusional, out of control, deranged and yet unified reaction to Trump and Putin in the press conference yesterday. There has to be some explanation for it. And it’s not that Trump didn’t call Putin out. That’s not what these people are upset about. It’s what they’re trying to make you think they’re upset about. And I am here to tell you, it is not what they are telling you it is. It is not that they think Trump acted treasonously. It is not that they think Trump didn’t call Putin out. It is not that Trump did not defend his own intelligence people.”

Limbaugh tried to explain to anyone who doesn’t understand that the whole reason that the mainstream media and the leftists of America made such a big deal out of Trump’s performance at this week’s summit is simply because Trump did not give into their ridiculous narrative. He didn’t fall into their trap and say things that they could misconstrue and turn against him. Instead, he did not mention the matter.

Rush briefly spoke about how the mainstream media and the rest of liberal America is still angry that Trump beat out Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. They’re just looking for any old reason to claim that Trump should be impeached. They are dying for him to slip-up and make a mistake. This is precisely why they were so angry that he didn’t run his mouth at the summit.

Limbaugh said of those working against the President, “Trump isn’t stupid. Trump is not ignorant. Trump is not incapable of nuance. Trump has confounded them in every single effort they have made and mounted against him. They’re at their wits’ end now.”

Conservative Tribune writes of Limbaugh’s comments:

With an eye toward the media’s ongoing narrative regarding Russian interference in the election and supposed collusion between Russia and Trump’s campaign — two separate issues that have been deliberately conflated into one by the media — Limbaugh proceeded to get to the heart of his theory about why Trump refrained from publicly acknowledging the Russian interference at the summit.

Rush explained, “And now we’re told that Donald Trump can go ahead and — in a press conference with Vladimir Putin — he can acknowledge that the Russians meddled while at the same time be protected from any allegation that he colluded. Sorry, folks, if Donald Trump had done what they wanted him to do yesterday — if Donald Trump had done what they were trying to force him to do — if Donald Trump had acknowledged to Vladimir Putin’s face that he had meddled in the 2016 presidential election?”

“Before that press conference was over, the New York Times would have a headline: ‘Trump Validates Mueller Investigation.’ ‘Trump Acknowledges Russians Affected Election Outcome.’ ‘Trump Acknowledges Russia May Have Played a Role in Thwarting American Democracy.’ There is no doubt in my mind that if Donald Trump had acknowledged what everybody in the deep state is demanding that he acknowledge, that the Russians meddled — which, they meddle in everything, and they have been for 50 years,” Limbaugh went on. “But in this case, the people of this country have been told that Donald Trump’s illegitimate, just like George Bush was illegitimate because of the Florida recount. His presidency was illegitimate, invalid. ‘We don’t have to listen to what George W. Bush wants or thinks.’ Same thing with Trump. They simply refuse to accept that they were defeated, and Trump — if he had acknowledged the meddling of the Russians — all you would be seeing today is that Trump acknowledges Putin may have or did affect the outcome of the election. Because that’s what they’ve wanted, just like … remember those press conferences where the media demanded George W. Bush apologize, admit he had made mistakes, and Bush wouldn’t do it?”

He explained, “The same thing with Donald Trump here. He cannot bifurcate this. He cannot acknowledge that Putin meddled, because if he did — and if he ever does — then the media is going to include and write that Trump has finally acknowledged that there was tampering in the election and that his victory may now be in question and that Donald Trump knows it. That’s what they want to write. He’s not giving them a chance to write it.”

He explained that President Trump worked very hard to make it to his current seat in the Oval Office, and he wasn’t going to simply allow the left to delegitimize his win.

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