Limbaugh Just BROKE the TRUTH Behind Bill O’Reilly’s FIRING – The Person Behind It All Will SHOCK YOU


On Thursday, Rush Limbaugh went on air to explain the truth behind what actually happened to Bill O’Reilly. We all know what happened by now. Bill O’Reilly was fired from his position at Fox News because of unproved and possibly made up allegations that he sexually assaulted women. No evidence has been provided as of yet and it looks more and more like this is the work of liberal hate groups.

Rush Limbaugh had some things to say about this. “Let me ask you a question. Have you ever wondered why not a single left-wing media figure is ever the target of advertiser boycotts?

Have you ever noticed that, and, if you have not, please take notice of it, and then ask yourself, why? What in the world could explain the one-sidedness of this?” Limbaugh replied.

“How is that a woman who is now out there berating Bill O’Reilly as a subhuman dryball happily once dated Anthony Weiner and is currently on CNN giving commentary about this and many other things?” he went on.

He went on to explain how there were tons of people who were angry over Bill O’Reilly’s allegations but nobody cares when it is a liberal that is under scrutiny.

“Because, you know, liberals, sponsors of O’Reilly have been have you notices many of them sponsor the Clinton Foundation? Many of them… I mean, you talk about sexual abuse? Bill Clinton’s wife ran the bimbo eruptions units when he was in the White House to see and find the women who might accuse Bill Clinton of sexual abuse (and other things) and destroy them.

And advertisers never leave the Clintons, and donors never leave the Clintons. Why is that? he continued.

Limbaugh has officially broken this firing open. Do you think the liberals are behind O’Reilly getting fired?

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