Liberals Slamming Trump For Calling Out CNN Have a BIG PROBLEM


President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday made every conservative proud when he publicly called out the Clinton News Network, erm, I mean CNN.

That was just hours after CNN decided to run with a wholly unsubstantiated report just because it fit the network’s anti-Trump agenda.

After that bastion of journalistic accountability BuzzFeed published accusations that Trump had colluded with Russia and that Moscow had dirt on the president-elect, CNN took that unverified report and pushed it out to the world.

Trump was furious.

At a press conference shortly after, a CNN reporter had the gaul to actually ask Trump a question.

He immediately shot them down, calling CNN a “fake news” outlet and refusing to take the question.

That led to a firestorm of liberal criticism. They claimed Trump was trying to silence the media.

But, as usual, the hypocrisy was overwhelming.

Those blasting Trump conveniently dismissed all those times that Obama publicly called out Fox News for taking editorial decisions and positions that opposed his agenda.

For instance, in 2010, Obama called Fox News “ultimately destructive” to the future of America. Last year, in blaming conservative media for Hillary Clinton’s defeat, he said that Trump supporters were “responding to a fictional character named Barack Obama who they see on Fox News.”

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So, when Obama does it, that’s cool. When Trump does the same thing (and even more justifiably), it’s a suppression of free speech.

Got it. Nice double standard, liberals.

H/T The Daily Caller

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