Muslim Brotherhood

Liberals PANICKING Over What Trump’s Doing to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD


This just shows how far America slid toward Islam under Barack Obama. Of course, Obama admitted that was one of his goals from the very start.

Still, it’s unnerving to see mainstream US media frantically defending violent terrorist organizations from being designated as such by President Trump just because they are Muslim.

What happened is that talk started circulating that Trump intends to finally designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, as many other nations do, including the Brotherhood’s home country of Egypt.

It certainly wouldn’t be surprising for Trump to take such a step.

But liberals are determined to convince Americans that calling terrorists “terrorists” is a big mistake, you know, because Islam is a “religion of peace.”

Leading the charge is the New York Times. Again, not very surprising.

The Times completely ignored the Muslim Brotherhood’s policy of violently imposing Sharia Law and its open desire to destroy Western civilization, while somehow finding a way to praise the organization.

Again, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise from a newspaper that acted as a mouthpiece for Obama, who went out of his way to embrace the Muslim Brotherhood.

Indeed, Egyptians, who were initially enthralled by Obama, came to hate him after Barack Hussein opposed a counter-uprising that removed from power the Muslim Brotherhood after it managed to hijack Egypt’s first democratic revolution.

In other words, the Egyptians themselves wanted the Muslim Brotherhood out, but Obama insisted the group should stay in power.

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And so thinks the Times.

Well, President Trump isn’t playing that game.

The Muslim Brotherhood are Sharia-loving terrorists, and now they are going to be treated as such.

As George W. Bush once said, you’re either with them, or you’re with us. If designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terror group upsets Muslims living in the US, then we’ll know where they really stand. Period.

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Source: The Federalist Papers

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