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Liberals Notice What’s in Mom’s Left Hand, Immediately Report Her Pics to Facebook


Her post went viral in few hours and it was reported to Facebook a lot.

Kristi Merritt decided to prove a point on Facebook by dressing up like a football player and asking if that made her a football player. She did the same with a pirate’s costume. Some might consider her comparison silly, but she has a point and her point is that a man wearing a dress and heels is still a man.

The post came after “religious liberty” legislation was passed in several states — including North Carolina — and has become a hot topic. Specifically, the issue of gender equality .

Merritt’s photographs were reported to Facebook under a false claim of nudity… what a lie!

Check this out:




Merritt’s post has been shared over 112,000 times.

Would you share it one more time?

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